10th BKR Tournament

On Sunday June 2nd, the regional federation “BKR” organised its 10th kendo tournament at Ransart (Charleroi). Almost 80 people from different affiliated BKR dojo took part in both men & ladies individuals as well as in a team tournament of 3 players.

Our dojo took part with a small group of 7 players and came back with some very nice results as you can read below:

Men individuals:

1st Place for Makoto, 2nd place for Takeshi and 3rd for Thomas.

Ladies individuals:

1st place for Yo and 2nd place for Sae

Team tournament:

“Hafu-Hafu” became the champions (Makoto, Takeshi & Thomas)

Other dojo members did also their very best even as our referees. Thanks a lot to “BKR” for this organisation and the nice tennugui…

30th Kojika Spring Tournament

Last weekend took place in Ghent the 30th edition of a individual tournament for youngsters below 18 years old in several categories as well as a team competition. Due to the anniversary, a special tournament with all former winners was also organised this year and the presence of two teachers from Japan.

Before the weekend, we had the opportunity to welcome both teachers, Hanabusa sensei (Kyoshi 8th dan) and Fukai sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan) at our Wednesday training. Many people attended this training and all dojo participants did very well at the competition. Several went into the medalists and Wakakoma even got GOLD in the team division!!

Thanks a lot to all parents, supporters, managers, referees and players for the wonderful weekend!

The results:

Individuals :
5-9 years technique
Yugo Maemoto 1st place

10-12 years shiai
Aori Senna 3rd place

13-15 shiai
Tomoki Takeuchi fighting spirit

16-18 shiai
Mattia Spaepen & Haruki Desmet 3rd places
Simon 1st place

19 and above  shiai
Toshiro Panzani & Makoto Grosfils 3rd places
Kota Kurogi 2th place

Wakakoma 1 (Saar, Keitaro, Kaede, Haruki, Mattia) 1st place

Team building by Kendo

Last Wednesday, a group of Toyota company had a nice team building activity at our dojo. This try-out was led by Kurogi sensei and Kendo National Team members member of our dojo.

These team members were recently selected by All Belgium Kendo Federation to take part in the upcoming World Kendo Championships in Milano (Italy).

If your company would like to organise similar team building; contact Kurogi sensei for details.

Belgian Individual Yudansha Kendo Championships 2024

On April 14th took place in Havré (Mons) the annual individual tournament for “Dan”-holders.

Three categories are actually set up: Juniors (-18), Ladies and Men (18+). Three of our leading figures took part also as referees and a fresh member served as kakari-in. Parents and friends were also present to cheer and support our participants.

In the Junior category, Wakakoma got all possible medals: Haruki became 2024 champion, 2nd was Takeshi, joined 3rd Amaury & Simon. Sae got the “Fighting Spirit” award. Kaori was awarded the 3rd prize in “Ladies” and Makoto 2nd prize in “Men” categories. All results can be found at abkfevents.be website.

At the end of the day, the federation organised exams from 1st kyu up to 5th dan. Kotaro and Simon joined and obtained respectively 1st kyu and 2nd dan.

Congratulations to all participants and a big thank you to all for your commitment !

14th Wakakoma Keikokai & Goodbye Tsukamoto sensei…

Last month we held our 14th annual Keikokai in our VUB dojo. Around 100 people attended the training. Strong spirit and commitment were seen from the participants.

Not funny was that this moment recall that we had to say goodbye to Tsukamoto sensei. He arrived at the dojo a few years ago and helped a generation of students to grow in kendo by his example and teachings. When residing in Brussels, he challenged for the difficult exam for 6th dan in Japan and succeeded brilliantly. On Sunday evening, we had some drinks together before his return to his homeland. See you as oon as possible, Tsukamoto sensei !!

Fumetsu-Cup in the Netherlands

A unique mixed three-player match called the Fumetsu Cup was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 24Sep.(Sun) National team members and many Kendo friend from Belgium participated. It was a fun day to interact with many kendo enthusiasts of The Netherlands.

Team Belgium

Wakakoma Young Stars (Mattia & Takeshi – Fighting Spirit Award)

Big Success at ABKF Kyu & Dan Exam in Ghent

It was perfect day for Wakakoma. All examinee of 1-Kyu & Dan candidate passed their exam in Ghent on 18th Sep.

1-Kyu : Sae KUROGI , Simon TEERLINK , Haruki DE SMET
Shodan: Takeshi BOFFA , Miyako TEERLINK, Mattia SPAEPEN
Nidan: Toshiro PANZANI
Sandan: Keisuke BANDO, Kota KUROGI, Thomas TAKAGI-HERLIN
All successors and supporters

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