Kendo-BrusselOur statement:

We consider that the dojo (training hall) is the place where body and mind are trained. Through the practice of traditional martial art “Kendo” of Japan, we aim at building human beings especially for children. Therefore we found the Brussels Junior Kendo Club “Wakakoma Kenshikai” in April 2004.

As a matter of courtesy, we admit that children carry the future, living a life in the actual world. We hope that they will strive for the three following points we put as principles during the practice.

  1. Understand and apply “Rei” (manners of greeting) clearly.
  2. Develop a tenacious mind and a considerate heart.
  3. Learn our philosophy and transmit again to the younger generation.

Moreover, through constant human relationship (teacher and student, friends and acquaintances) that builds “Ken-En”(relation through Kendo). In addition to this, it is also developing  international exchanges beyond race and nationality into the important index of Wakakoma Kenshikai.

The name “Wakakoma Kenshikai” was attributed to our dojo by  Nobuo Hirakawa sensei who has contributed by sustaining efforts to development of the Belgium Kendo Federation. The meaning is “A place where pure innocent children are cheerful and perform the kendo training with equal fun as young horses.”