Düsseldorf Tournament & Belgiun Kendo “Kyu” Championships 2015

The weekend of 7th and 8th of November was a busy one this year! Our members had to travel a lot, first to Germany, Düsseldorf for the Junior tournament hosted by the local club and the next day to Ghent (Mariakerke) to join the Belgium Kendo “Kyu” Championships. Our members did very well at both events as you can see the dojo results hereunder:

7 Nov – The 23rd Dusseldorf Cup

Cat A ; without Bogu  (6-8 years)      Kurogi Sae – 2nd

Cat C : with Bogu Individual (6-9 Years)    Spaepen Mattia – 1st / Boffa Takeshi – 2nd / Vandenheuvel Lum – 3rd

Cat E : with Bogu individual (14-18 years) Takagi Toma – 3rd

Team 5 persons : Toshiro, Constantin, Kota and Toma – 2nd

8 Nov – Kyu Championships Belgium 2015

Cat A : without Bogu (5 – 9 years)    Spaepen Mattia – 1st / Boffa Takeshi – 2nd / Mihara Yuuna – 3rd / Kurogi Sae – Fighting Spirit

Cat B : without Bogu (10 – 13 years)  Panzani Kaori – 1st / Levan Alexandre – 2nd + Fighting Spirit / Onodera Mami – 3rd

Cat E : with Bogu (- 13 years)   Levan Constantin – 2nd / Panzani Toshiro – 3rd / Matsumoto Shunya – 3rd

At the end of the 8th of November, four of our members joined also the grading session for ikkyu (1st kyu) in Kendo. All four succeed, congratulations to Shunya, Toshiro, Mika and Constantin!

Thanks a lot to all parents, members and staff for making this weekend possible!

Pictures of Düsseldorf Tournament made by Ph. Bruwier are here:

http://myalbum.com/album/zp4iYp89uOZ9  INDIVIDUAL TOURNAMENT

http://myalbum.com/album/YG0jODbDfUfh  TEAM TOURNAMENT

others are available on the facebook page of Wakakoma or …

DSC02311 DSC02312 DSC02313 DSC02317 DSC02321 DSC02325 DSC02331DSC02350 DSC02366 (1)

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