Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships 2017 – Oostakker

Immediately following the Düsseldorf tournament, on Sunday in Oostakker near Ghent the annual Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships took place. Once again, our members did very well as shown in the info below. At the end of the day, two of our members presented successfully the exam for shodan (1st dan) in Kendo.

Congratulations to the medal winners and all participants (including our fantastic group of parents!)

Technic (without bogu) 5-9 years

1st : Daisuke,   3rd : Francesca, Sotaro,    Fighting spirit : Laura

Technic 10-13 years

Fighting spirit : Sohgo

Shiai -13 years

3rd : Alexandre, Takeshi,   Fighting spirit : Simon

Shiai 14-17 years

1st : Constantin,  3rd : Toshiro


Shodan (the 1st dan). : Constantin, Toshiro


BKKC Gent 19-11-2017 Result

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