Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships 2019

2019 Edition of the annual Belgium Kendo Championships for Kyu-grades were held in Ghent, organized by regional federation VKIJF under the authority of the All Belgium Kendo Federation.

Our dojo joined with almost 30 participants. People from all ver Belgium from the age of 5 up to … joined for a full day of shiai. At the end of the day, examinations for ikkyu and shodan were organized. We could count on the support of our parents, yudansha and referees to make this day successful.


Technical part / without bogu
cat A      1st   Kaede (Ms)      2nd   Yui     3rd   Nao & Ryuki   
cat B      1st   Amaury       2nd  Shunichiro
cat C      3rd  Takaomi
cat D      2nd  Maximilian

The youngest participant special price: Hugo

cat E       1st  Simon       2nd  Daisuke     3rd    Takeshi
cat F       1st  Kaori         2nd  Kaede

1 kyu     :  Miyako, Mattia, Takeshi, Kaede
Shodan :  Kaori

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