30th Kojika Spring Tournament

Last weekend took place in Ghent the 30th edition of a individual tournament for youngsters below 18 years old in several categories as well as a team competition. Due to the anniversary, a special tournament with all former winners was also organised this year and the presence of two teachers from Japan.

Before the weekend, we had the opportunity to welcome both teachers, Hanabusa sensei (Kyoshi 8th dan) and Fukai sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan) at our Wednesday training. Many people attended this training and all dojo participants did very well at the competition. Several went into the medalists and Wakakoma even got GOLD in the team division!!

Thanks a lot to all parents, supporters, managers, referees and players for the wonderful weekend!

The results:

Individuals :
5-9 years technique
Yugo Maemoto 1st place

10-12 years shiai
Aori Senna 3rd place

13-15 shiai
Tomoki Takeuchi fighting spirit

16-18 shiai
Mattia Spaepen & Haruki Desmet 3rd places
Simon 1st place

19 and above  shiai
Toshiro Panzani & Makoto Grosfils 3rd places
Kota Kurogi 2th place

Wakakoma 1 (Saar, Keitaro, Kaede, Haruki, Mattia) 1st place

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