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Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships 2019

2019 Edition of the annual Belgium Kendo Championships for Kyu-grades were held in Ghent, organized by regional federation VKIJF under the authority of the All Belgium Kendo Federation.

Our dojo joined with almost 30 participants. People from all ver Belgium from the age of 5 up to … joined for a full day of shiai. At the end of the day, examinations for ikkyu and shodan were organized. We could count on the support of our parents, yudansha and referees to make this day successful.


Technical part / without bogu
cat A      1st   Kaede (Ms)      2nd   Yui     3rd   Nao & Ryuki   
cat B      1st   Amaury       2nd  Shunichiro
cat C      3rd  Takaomi
cat D      2nd  Maximilian

The youngest participant special price: Hugo

cat E       1st  Simon       2nd  Daisuke     3rd    Takeshi
cat F       1st  Kaori         2nd  Kaede

1 kyu     :  Miyako, Mattia, Takeshi, Kaede
Shodan :  Kaori

27th Düsseldorf Cup

Again this year, our dojo joined on November 9th this nice tournament which saw around 100 players coming from 4 countries and 15 different dojo compete in a nice atmosphere.

We would like to thank the organizers, parents, players and dojo-staff including our referees for such a nice day.

Here are the results:

Individual  6-10 years    :    3rd places  Ryuki & Kotaro
Individual 15-18 years   :    1st place Kota

Team 3 pers junior :    2nd place Akira, Daisuke & Simon
Team 3 pers youth  :    1st place   Siep (Kojika), Alexandre & Mika
Team 5 persons       :    3rd place  Takeshi, Mattia, Toshiro, Constantin & Kota

New member are being accepted in September!

We accept trial new member in all Saturday in September.
Person who wish to trial kendo, Please send an e-mail to (Advance appointment required. Age from 6 to 18 years)


Our New Season’s(2019-2020) Keiko start from 17th August

We start new season’s Keiko start from 17th August.(Sat)
17 Aug.(Sat) 16:00-18:00 at G2 Adeps Auderghem(Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes)
21 Aug.(Wed) 19:00-21:00 at G3 Adeps
24 Aug.(Sat) 16:00-18:00 at G2 Adeps
28Aug.(Wed) – 01Sep.(Sun) ABKF Summer Seminar will be held at Adeps

And our keiko will be return to the original place at VUB from September

The 10th Junior Godo Keikokai 2019

The 10th Junior Godo Keikokai was held on January 19th & 20th at the ADEPS Sport center.

About 90 persons, juniors & adults coming from The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom & Belgium joined their efforts for a two days training under the supervision of Kurogi sensei.

Since the event was a huge success, Wakakoma decided to organise its 11th edition in 2020! We hope to see YOU !

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26th Kojika Spring Tournament

Last weekend, Ghent dojo Kojika organized for the 26th time in a row their spring tournament for youngsters. This tournament fits perfectly in the goals that we put forward with our own dojo, so a large group of our members joined.

Almost 32 kids from Wakakoma joined the total number of 173 coming from 10 different countries or 26 dojo.