2018 Wakakoma Keikokai

A lot of friends from Great Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and other Belgian dojo joined our group for a two day long Keikokai at the VUB. On Saturday evening, a friendly dinner was organized in ADEPS where everyone could socialize and have a meal & drinks together.

We hope that all those who joined the practice enjoyed their weekend and invite those who couldn’t join this year to next year’s event!!

ABKF Winterseminar & competition

For the 27th time in a row, the All Belgium Kendo Federation organized the Kendo, Iaido & Jodo Winterseminar which allows all participants to upgrade their knowledge by practicing with a large number of Japanese experts. Our dojo took of course part in this important event and joined the “Nakakura Cup” which conclude the week of intense training. The team composed of Kota, Thomas & Makoto reached the final in the team section. An excellent way to end the year, certainly for Kota who succeed for “Nidan” the day before.

Dojo will close until the early days of 2018 and we hope to see everyone in excellent health back for hard and safe practice.

Do not forget to register already for the Wakakoma Keikokai, organized on the weekend of 20 & 21 of January! Info is send to everyone by mail… Ask for a copy if you haven’t got yours!


Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships 2017 – Oostakker

Immediately following the Düsseldorf tournament, on Sunday in Oostakker near Ghent the annual Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships took place. Once again, our members did very well as shown in the info below. At the end of the day, two of our members presented successfully the exam for shodan (1st dan) in Kendo.

Congratulations to the medal winners and all participants (including our fantastic group of parents!)

Technic (without bogu) 5-9 years

1st : Daisuke,   3rd : Francesca, Sotaro,    Fighting spirit : Laura

Technic 10-13 years

Fighting spirit : Sohgo

Shiai -13 years

3rd : Alexandre, Takeshi,   Fighting spirit : Simon

Shiai 14-17 years

1st : Constantin,  3rd : Toshiro


Shodan (the 1st dan). : Constantin, Toshiro


BKKC Gent 19-11-2017 Result

Düsseldorf Tournament 2017

This Saturday of November, 28 Wakakoma juniors have participated in The 25th Dusseldorf Cup.
We hope everybody could enjoy the tournament and here are our good results and some pictures

Technic (without Bogu)  6-11 years         3rd : Amaury

Individual 6-9 years       3rd : Akira

Individual 10-13 years   1st : Kosuke

Individual 14-18 years   3rd : Toshiro

Team 5 persons            3rd : Takeshi, Kosuke, Constantin, Kota, Toshiro

European Kendo Championships 2017 -Budapest

This year, the European Kendo Championships took place in Budapest, Hungary. The All Belgium Kendo Federation joined the event and four members of our dojo were members of the Belgian delegation; the delegation leader Dany, a referee Serge and two players, Kensaku and Makoto.

We are happy to announce that Kensaku reached the semifinals in the individual men category. Less result than last year when he won the tournament, but still an excellent performance!


25th Kojika Spring Tournament

For this anniversary event, local Ghent dojo, Kojika organized a very big event with juniors coming from allover Europe. 28 of our members took part and several of them got a medal.

Technic category (without bogu) 5 – 9 years:

1st : Akira    3rd : Laura, Francesca      Fighting spirit: Dan

Thanks a lot for your commitment, players, referees, organizers & supporters. You did a real nice job!

Belgian Kendo “Dan” Championships 2017

For the second time in its history, our dojo became Belgian Champion in team category. Also Thomas became 3rd in the individuals “Men” and Kota got fighting Spirit award in the “Junior” category.

At the end of the day, Mika was awarded for shodan in Kendo after the examinations which were organized at the end of the day.

Thanks a lot to everybody which makes these results possible: players, referees, supporters and of course all dojo members because of our regular trainings, nothing would be possible…

Düsseldorf Tournament 2016

This year, our dojo had some very nnice results during the annual Dûsseldorf tournament held each November:

★ Individual tournament

with bogu (6 – 9 yrs)      3rd place : Simon, Haruki

with bogu  (14 – 18 yrs)  2nd place : Thomas

★ Team tournament

3 persons Junior   1st place : Mix team – Ayaka (senpo)
3rd place : Wakakoma 3 – Sae, Kaori and Miyako

3 persons Youth   1st place : Mix team  – Constantin (senpo)

5 persons              3rd place : Wakakoma – Mattia, Shunya, Toshiro, Kota and Thomas